Using Your ProEco Fuel Saver

Q: Can I not just get my engine tuned by a mechanic?

A: Yes, you can. And you will achieve the same level of fuel optimization. But there’s the problem: ‘Remapping’ (as the mechanical tuning method is called) is both expensive and permanent. That means you cannot undo the changes. However, the ProEco Fuel Saver Chip is easily removable—after you unplug it, your car’s computer will return to its factory settings. This is important if you want a good price for your car when you sell it.

Q: You say the ProEco Fuel Saver connects directly to my car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostics). How do I know my car has a compatible OBD?

A: Virtually every new car sold in the U.S. and Europe over the past 20 has an OBD II installed as standard. If your car was sold in the US post-1996, or Europe post-2001, the ProEco Fuel Saver will work for you. (If your car is older than that—good on you for driving it that long. But you should think about changing it for a more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly model)

Q: Is the ProEco Fuel Saver going to damage the engine and the car computer ECU in any way?

A: No. The ProEco Fuel Saver works with your car’s engine and ECU. Also, once you unplug the ProEco Fuel Saver, your car will return automatically to its default settings. So there’s no downside to buying the ProEco Fuel Saver, only upside.

Q: Aren’t there other ways of reducing fuel expenses?

A: Sure there are. You can fill up your tank when it’s half full rather than letting it run empty. You can service your car on a regular basis. You can check your tire pressure regularly. You can replace your spark plugs every couple of years. You can even drive around town to find the station with the lowest gas prices. All of these might make a small difference to fuel costs, but here’s the thing: You have to remember to do all of these things. And you already have enough things to think about in your life. So take the ‘set it and forget it’ option. Invest in an ProEco Fuel Saver today, connect it to the OBD2 socket of your car, and forget that it exists. The ProEco Fuel Saver will work to save you fuel... every time you start up your engine and drive anywhere. It’s working silently and efficiently in the background. Putting money in your back pocket.